As seen in Figure 2, 2015 can be characterized as a year of coming and going. Clare and Rob each went on several work trips; the entire organization made several excursions, and a number of visitors came to see the inner workings of the Fedibblety organization. Our predictions from last year were intentionally somewhat vague, as we were expecting some career changes, but we could not announce them officially at the time. In April, Rob started working as a data scientist at Automattic, the company which makes Clare began focusing full-time on her new cannabis extract start-up, Clarity Solutions.

First Quarter

The first quarter started with the end of the Christmas celebration from 2014. Drew and Grace stayed with us, while Bret stayed with Ellen and Dave. We had a great time enjoying the winter weather, sledding and hiking. Clare and Rob took a break from the cold for a couple days in Cabo San Lucas as an early celebration of their 10 year wedding anniversary, while Dave and Ellen spoiled their grandkids.

Figure 1: Clare and Rob in Cabo San Lucas

In February, Brian, Audrey, and Kate visited us for several days. They were somewhat busy attending a wedding, but we also got to have some fun sledding and visiting the museum of Nature and Science.

In March, Spencer showed off his piano skills at his school’s talent show.

Second Quarter


Figure 2: Number of people staying at the Fedibblety house in 2015

Rob’s last day at Nuance was April 3rd. He took 2 weeks off before starting at Automattic to finally finish the master bathroom. Sean Gallagher came out for several days to help tile the shower, which was really helpful. Unfortunately, two weeks was not enough time. Three weeks would have been enough, but after starting the new job, Rob didn’t have time to finish the master bathroom for a couple months. It is finally finished though, and very nice.

Spencer finished kindergarten with a bit of fanfare, by earning an academic achievement award. Meg showed off her dancing skills at her ballet recital.

In June, Rob went on a work trip to Germany. Shortly before he left, he had fixed some doors which weren’t closing correctly. When he got back, they weren’t closing correctly again. Our foundation was shifting! This led to the installation of helical piers, and since we were digging up our yard, also an egress window in the basement. We were fortunate not to have any water damage, but these projects did push back some other projects we had planned like landscaping and a new air conditioner.

The Felty parent organization came out for their annual inspection. Harold spent a lot of time imparting his baseball knowledge on Spencer, while Fran painted Meg’s nails.

Third Quarter

At the end of July, we all went to Estes Park for a week for another Wolfe family reunion. We stayed at the same cabins we had stayed at 5 years ago. They were still just as nice. We had lots of fun hiking, stargazing, nature-watching, cooking, playing horseshoes, go-karting, and playing mini golf.

Figure 3: At the Wolfe family reunion in Estes Park

Spencer and Meg started off August aboard the third annual RV trip with the Dibble parent organization. This year they focused on Colorado, venturing to the sand dunes, and southwest Colorado. They earned junior ranger badges from several national parks.

By mid-August, it was once again time for the first day of school. Spencer started first grade, and Meg started a junior kindergarten program at St. Joan of Arc, after over 4 years of learning at the Academy. Spencer started walking to school by himself (all 200 yards); Meg is learning all sorts of new skills and making new friends at her school.

With the start of school also came a bunch of activities for Spencer - flag football, piano lessons, and cub scouts.

Fourth Quarter

The third quarter remained very busy for the organization, especially following around Spencer to all his activities. He continued to practice really hard at flag football, and performed very well. Rob and Spencer also continued to do cub scouts, and some piano lessons.

Spencer has really had a one-track mind for football for months now; he was even a football player for Halloween. Clare has a hard time imagining it, but Rob used to like football at that age too. Meg dressed up as Rapunzel for Halloween this year, though she currently loves to wear a dress almost every day, so it wasn’t that big of a change for her either.

For Thanksgiving, we traveled to Philadelphia to see our friends the Comisars and the Changs, and then ventured on up to visit the Dibble family in Clinton, NY. We had a great time re-connecting with friends and family.

We had a bit of a scare in December when Spencer came down with pneumonia. He was sick for several days a row, but never seemed really sick; he simply wasn’t getting better. When Rob finally took him to the doctor, his blood oxygen level was low, so we ended up going to the hospital. He spent most of the first day with an oxygen tube, but once the antibiotics started kicking in, he started getting better. To make things more complicated, Clare was on a work trip in California. Fortunately, Dave and Ellen took care of Meg so that Rob could stay in the hospital with Spencer. On the plus side, Rob taught him how to play Risk and Spit.

We decided to take a reprieve from the cold Colorado December and headed to Ft. Myers, Florida for a week of relaxation to celebrate Christmas. The Felty parent company rented a condo and we met them there. It was a very relaxing, though different, experience to spend Christmastime on the beach. It was warm enough to swim in the ocean, which was a first for the kids. We all had a great time.

Figure 4: Spencer as a football player, and Meg as Rapunzel for Halloween

We finished the year with a party with friends with young children. We had 8 kids ranging from 9 months to almost 7 years, and 12 adults ranging from mid thirties to mid sixties. It took us most of the week to clean up for the party; the house is not as clean as it was the hour before the party, but it is much cleaner than before Christmas.

2016 Forecast

The Fedibblety organization has several goals / predictions for 2016: (1) maintain a cleaner and better organized headquarters; we already got a headstart on this one during the last week of 2015. (2) Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Feltys in July in Michigan. (3) Show the kids how much college really is like the movie Real Genius at Rob’s 15 year Grinnell College reunion. (4) Plant a bigger garden, and do some landscaping. (5) Push both Meg and Spencer down the hill in a sled on their way to elementary school.

Wishing you an excellent 2016,
Rob, Clare, Spencer, and Meg

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