Getting Started

Get StartedThe beams are 2 x 12’s so that the living room floor is solid. Ellen used figures from a building engineering book to design the upstairs floor bearing weight to be the same standard as a first floor or 40 lbs per square foot. The old front door was moved to the front of the addition for some years until it was moved to the garage. The door opening in this photo now leads to the front downstairs bedroom, which was first the living room then the parent’s bedroom (Bret was born there), then Clare’s and then Bret’s bedroom. Dave and Ellen bought the stainless steel kitchen appliances that are sitting outside in the background for $200 at a Bloomington auction.

On to Version Two

Redo Version 1The original structure did not last long. Almost as soon as it was enclosed the family already had two children and the house was not that much bigger than the cabin. (At 19X32 feet, it was just over 600 sq. ft. while the cabin with the loft is about 400.) Dave and Ellen got excited about building an offset two story addition during Christmas vacation at the Dibbles. They often got a new perspective and new ideas during Holiday visits. Grandpa and Grandma Dibble always made the family feel welcome at Christmas time and the inspiration that distance and leisure provided is thanks to them. Here Dave and the kids inspect the deconstruction for the new post and beam connections. The 16X30 addition was designed to have 2 bedrooms and an entry downstairs and a large living room upstairs.