Painting — day five

Blue bathroom
Today Rob woke up right around 7:00 a.m., and started making coffee. Dave joined me just a few minutes later, and Rob woke up Harold once the coffee was done. We ate a little breakfast, discussed our plan of attack for the day, and got to work. Harold put the second coat of paint in the bathroom and on the blue room, while Dave and Rob worked on the foyer. Originally the plan was just to paint the upstairs, but we thought we had enough ginger paint leftover to paint the foyer, and thought that it would be nice to get that done. We decided to not paint the ceiling, as we didn’t think we had enough paint for that, and it didn’t look too bad. After clearing out the room and doing a little sanding, we washed the walls, then started painting. Since there was much more trimwork to be done in the foyer than was the case for upstairs, Dave and Rob spent most of the time brushing, and switched off rolling. Rob enjoyed that, because Rob had mostly been rolling, so it was a good opportunity for me to practice trimming. It is not really that hard. It just takes a steady hand, some patience, a wet rag to clean up areas where you mess up, and some experience.

Around 9:00 a.m. Lewis and Angie Fender stopped by for a few minutes to say hello and check on our progress. Angie gave us her approval of the paint colors we chose, and also invited us over for some lunch. Dave and Rob finished the walls in the foyer shortly after 11:00, and Harold finished the bathroom shortly after 11:30. We cleaned up a little bit, then headed over to the Fenders. We also decided that the ceiling in the foyer did need a fresh coat of paint, so we decided to buy a gallon of ceiling white paint after lunch.

We arrived at the Fenders right about on time, but Angie was still working on lunch, and Lewis was not to be found, so Angie told us to go find him. We looked for him in the meat shop, but it turns out he was in the wood shop, working on a rolling pin. Lewis has a real knack with woodworking, and many other crafty things. The Fenders have many hobbies! After showing us around the wood shop a bit, we headed back to the house, where Angie had prepared a great spread. After we finished lunch at the Fenders we headed to Walmart, where we found about half of the items on our list, as is usual. It was good that we had plenty of the Dutch Boy paint, because they did not carry it at all at this Walmart; they only had the cheaper ColorPlace paint. But we just needed ceiling white, so it was not a big deal.
painted foyer
When we got back to the house we went straight back to work. Dave started painting the closet shelves for the bedroom in ginger, and Rob and Harold painted the ceiling foyer white. We definitely could tell a difference in the quality of the paint, but it was good enough. We got done with the ceiling around 4:45, at which point we took a short break for a beer, then we put a second coat of ginger on the walls in the foyer, since the paint supposedly dried fully in 4 hours. By the time we were finished with that it was dinner time again, and Rob suggested going to the China Wok. Somewhat to Rob’s surprise, they had tofu there, which means that the Chinese restaurants in Trenton, Michigan are way behind the times. The food was actually very good — reasonably priced, not too greasy, and not overcooked. The only disappointing part about the China Wok is that they gave us styrofoam cups and plasticware. In the future, we will have to remember that it is better to get takeout.

Upon looking in the fridge when we got home there were 3 beers calling our names, so we decided to polish them off. While we were chatting, Rob got the great idea to see if the dishwasher worked, so we turned it on, and watched the dishwasher run. What an exciting evening! It turns out that the dishwasher works, but that it leaks a little bit, so we might have to look into buying a replacement door for it. Good to know now rather than later. We finally turned in for the night around 10:30, after yet another productive day.