Painting — day four

Harold rolls blue paintToday Harold won the contest for waking up first, around 6:15, and made some coffee. Rob and Dave got up around 6:30. After a little coffee and a bite to eat, we started work around 7:30. Harold started off with the ceiling in the bathroom, which got a coat of ginger paint, then he painted the one blue wall in the bedroom while the bathroom ceiling was drying, and then he could paint the bathroom walls blue. Meanwhile, in the living room, Dave and Rob were putting a second coat of paint on the walls. We all decided that the ceiling did not need a second coat, which saved both time and neck strain. We worked pretty much straight through until lunch.

After lunch we had a few social obligations, so we stopped by the Harrimans to say hello. Actually, we stopped by the Carpet Barn first, because Rob remembered that they close at 3 p.m. on Saturdays. We reminded them that they would need to bring new tack strip when they install the carpet, because the old tackstrip was laid right next to the drywall, instead of leaving room for the baseboards, because the baseboards were installed quite awhile after the carpeting. On our way to the carpet barn, we passed the Harrimans’ new property, and saw some people working, but we did not stop. Instead, we went to their house, and talked awhile with Kathleen, who told us that Steve and William were indeed the ones we saw at the property. So we went back there, and they had left. Oh well.

While we were out we decided to go into town and do a little grocery shopping. We got the makings for rice and beans for dinner, and some more bread for lunch the next day. Then we went back to the house, and looked for a few small things to do to round out the day. The day before we had determined that the venerable chest freezer no longer worked. So we decided to start putting things that didn’t work into the garage, for trash pickup at some point. The freezer was quite tricky to get out of its spot, since the bricks upon which the cookstove sits partially block the opening. After a bit of muscling, we got it out, then used the old dilapidated dolly to get it out the door, and finally pushed it across the lawn to the garage. Afterwards we moved the dryer as well, which was not quite as heavy. We actually did not test the dryer to see if it worked, but it didn’t seem to be in great shape, so we probably made the right choice. Clare and Rob are looking forward to getting a new, high efficiency washer and dryer.

At some point after moving heavy stuff Clare called from Europe, which was a very nice surprise. We talked a bit, and Clare gave her two cents on several decisions about the house, which was good. Meanwhile, Dave decided to do a little mowing, and Rob decided to try to plant some grass seed in the front lawn where there were some bare spots. It had been raining quite a bit for several days, so it seemed like a good time to plant grass seed, but as luck would have it, the next couple days were relatively dry! Dave must have sensed Rob’s eagerness to try out the riding lawn mower, so after a short while Dave offered Rob a turn. It was the first time for Rob using a riding lawn mower, and at first it seemed complicated, with several different levers and pedals and such, but it turns out to be rather easy. Rob mowed the rest of the front lawn, then did a bit more by the garage and down by the garden plot, which Dave and Rob covered with plastic earlier, to kill the grass.

While Dave and Rob were working outside, Harold was taking care some of the finishing touches inside, like cleaning the heating duct covers and the ceiling fans. He really got them looking like new. By this time it was starting to get to be dinner time, so Rob started cooking up the rice and beans. Almost immediately it dawned on him that he had forgotten to buy cooking oil, and that he had not brought a wooden spoon for stirring the pan. As we had learned on Thursday, the Snow Lion does not use cooking oil, so Rob decided to take their advice and sauté with just a little water. To his surprise, it worked out very well. It did take quite awhile to cook, since Rob had purchased brown rice, but it was worth the wait, and we had beer to drink while we were waiting for the food to get done.
After dinner we were still itching to get a few things done, so we spent awhile putting the outlet cover and switch plates back on the walls, or at least as many as we could find, and on the walls which were already dry. Eventually we decided to call it a day, and have one more beer before we went to bed around 10:00 p.m.