Painting — day three

Today we all slept in a bit, waking up about 7:30 a.m. We did our normal coffee and quick bite routine, then got to work. This may have been the hardest day. Harold and Rob started out putting a second coat of paint on the bedroom, while Dave finished cleaning the walls in the livingroom. Once Dave was finished with that, he helped Harold and Rob finish the second coat in the bedroom. By this time it was almost lunchtime, so we stopped to have a little bite to eat, and were surprised to hear Kathleen Harriman come through the door. She met Harold, and then we showed her the work we had been doing. After a bit more chatting and eating, we got back to work.
dave is ingenious with duct tape

The livingroom has a slanted ceiling, which ranges from about 6 1/2 feet at its lowest to about 11 feet tall at its highest, and it also extends over the stairwell. This was certainly the biggest surface that we covered with paint. Fortunately, it was also in fairly good shape, and the previous color was very similar to the “ginger” (beige) color we were putting on, so we ended up just doing one coat. It took us about 2 hours to finish the ceiling, after which we took a short beer break before moving on to the walls. After the beer break Dave decided to fiddle around with the riding mower a little bit, and with good timing, for Vick Greenwell, the next door neighbor, stopped by just shortly thereafter. Dave had bought the riding mower from Vick, so when the mower would not go into gear, he asked Vick if he knew a trick. Indeed he did. It turned out to simply be a belt that had slipped off, but it was quite tricky to get to the belt. After they fixed the mower, Dave and Vick came inside, and Harold and Rob got the chance to meet Vick. He is quite a talker. It seems like he will be a good neighbor, and he seemed to be pleased about having new neighbors as well.

We finally finished the first coat in the livingroom around 6:15, then decided to go to the Pizza Pantry for dinner. Rob had saved up a cheese meal, and it was worth it. The pizza was nice and saucy, a bit sweet, and was not too greasy. After filling our bellies, we returned to the house for a Manhattan before retiring around 10:00 p.m.