Painting — day two

Unexpectedly, Rob was the first the one to arise, around 7:15. The first order of the day was obviously to make coffee, which Rob did, using the french press coffee maker we had left when Clare and Rob came down two weeks ago. Either the noise Rob made in the kitchen or the smell of coffee soon aroused Dave and Harold, who joined me for a brief breakfast, and then we got to work. We still had a bit of sanding to do, and then we washed all the walls in the bedroom and the livingroom. After we finished washing the walls in the bedroom, we decided to take a short coffee break, around 10:00 a.m. After the break, Harold and Rob started painting the bedroom while Dave continued washing the walls in the livingroom. Harold focused on trimming around doors and windows while Rob did the rolling. After finishing the washing of the walls, Dave helped us finish the bedroom by about 1:15, at which point we had some lunch and took showers, to get ready for our trip to Bloomington.
rob rolls paint
We were ready to leave for Bloomington a bit earlier than necessary so we decided to stop by the Duling insurance agency to say hello to Angie Fender. We only chatted for a few minutes, then headed on to Bloomington. As one would expect of the Feltys, we got there a bit early, so we drove around a bit to kill some time, and Dave showed Rob and Harold a few sights. Dave and Harold toured campus a bit while Rob met with David Pisoni, the professor for whom he is working at IU. Rob finally set a start date of July 1st, and Pisoni gave him a couple books to read. After meeting back up, Rob was surprised when Harold gave him a gift from the IU book store — a home improvement book. Surely, Clare and Rob will get lots of use out of it in their new adventure!

The next stop was the Big Red Liquor store, where we stocked up on beer and Manhattan makings. Then we went across the street to the Copper Cup, where Rob could check his e-mail, and was pleased to read that Clare had arrived safely in Europe. The next stop was the Snow Lion for some dinner. It is hard to imagine a trip to Bloomington without a stop at the Snow Lion. Rob ventured out for once, and tried the Cajun vegetables, which were very tasty. We also learned that the Snow Lion does not use cooking oil, but rather stir-frys using only water.

After filling our bellies, we headed off to Target, and then Bloomington Hardware to pick up a few things on our ever-expanding list. We were not able to find everything we wanted, but none of us like shopping, so we decided to call it a night. We headed back to Spencer, and ended the night with some stiff Manhattans that Harold mixed up.
rob rolls paint

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  1. Clare….Your mom told me about you and Rob working on the Dibble homestead and referred me to your site. I cannot tell you how many memories these pictures bring to me. Since Amber’s accident prevented me from attending your wedding, you can’t imagine how eager I am to see you now that you are back in the area. Funny that you and Charlie are only a few miles apart. Keep up the good work. when your mom comes again, I told her to let me know and I’ll come out for a visit and perhaps I can lend a hand or bring wonderful food to the hard workers. Now that I know you love Snow Lion food and Manhattans… kind of people….I’ll be there.


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