The grass is always greener
Just drop a seed

new grass

new grass where we had thought we would put an herb garden

A couple months ago I decided to plant some new grass in a couple areas around the house. I was considering buying some ecolawn, which I read about on the internet. It claimed to be a really environmentally friendly grass, in that it required very little mowing and watering. This sounded ideal to me. I ordered a 5 lb. bag for $30 (+ $15 for shipping & handling), then waited. And waited. After 12 days, I decided to contact them. I e-mailed them, and they replied promptly saying, “the credit card information you gave was not valid.” I was underwhelmed by their customer service to say the least. I gave up on them and decided to simply buy some grass seed at Pell’s, one of the local hardware stores in town. They offer a variety of different seeds in bulk, including grass seed. I got 2 pounds of “shady turf”, which was a blend with primarily fescue, which is what the ecolawn claimed to be. I also got 5 lbs of their general mixture. The shady turf was about $3 pound, and the normal blend was about $2 per pound, for a total of about $16, much less than what I would have paid for the ecolawn. I put the shady turf around the deck, where I had cleared out a bunch of brush. I ended up running out of it and switched to the general mix. I also planted some in some bare spots elsewhere in the yard, and ended up buying more seed a couple times before the end of the season.

new grass 2

close-up of new grass about one week after planting

I have planted grass elsewhere, and it seems that anywhere from 25%-50% success rate per seed is not bad, but I would have to say that I got more like 75% here. This ground is really fertile! It probably isn’t that impressive in the grand scheme of things, but it makes me happy.

grass around the deck

grass around the deck
grass around the deck 2

close-up of grass around the deck about 2 weeks after planting