Wooden sled

wooden sled

the wooden sled

Today I spent some time doing one of my favorite chores — splitting wood. I am still enjoying the whole process of heating with wood. I feel like I am continually getting better at regulating the temperature, which I also like. Unfortunately we haven’t had the time to get really nicely seasoned wood. Some of the wood we have seems to be pretty dry and solid. We also have a fair amount on both sides on ideal though — some is a bit punky, while some is still a bit green. As you can see in the house picture below, the smoke is a bit on the thick side, indicating that the wood is a bit green (which means more creosote build-up, and me having to clean the chimney (I haven’t done that one yet)). Of course, like anyone else who has ever heated with wood, I worry whether I have cut enough to last the winter. Or rather, whether I have enough wood in the wood rack. I have actually cut a bunch of wood up by the pond which I have yet to haul down. The hauling is certainly the worst part in my opinion. Cutting, splitting, stacking, and burning is fun, but I do not enjoy the hauling part. This is probably because there is a pretty big hill to get up to the area where I have cut the wood. Fortunately the way there is uphill, meaning that the way back (with a wheelbarrow full of wood) is downhill. Going downhill with a full wheelbarrow is certainly better than going uphill, but it still takes quite a bit of effort to keep the wheelbarrow from going out of control.

winter house with smoke

Backside of the snowy house, with some smoke coming out of the chimney

A couple weeks ago, I bought a new fuel cap for the chainsaw, because the old one was getting pretty stripped (there is a notch in the middle of the cap for you to tighten it with a screwdriver). While I was at the tractor store, I decided to buy a spare chain as well, since we only had one. So, I was eager to try out the new chain, and cut up some more fallen trees. But of course, I did not manage to haul down all the wood I had cut. Today I woke up to a good 2-3 inches of snow on the ground. I contemplated taking the wheelbarrow up to get more wood, but I thought it would be too slippery. Instead I decided to try hauling some down on a sled. This ended up working out pretty well. I tried letting the sled go down by itself, which worked well until it got to the part where it needed to make a turn, and it crashed into some brush, and all the wood fell out. But the sled didn’t break! So I loaded it back up, pulled it to the next hill (right by the pond), and this time decided to sit on top of the wood. This worked out even better, as I could use my boots to steer and brake pretty well. I did get quite a bit of snow up my pants from the braking and steering though, so I decided that I had had my fun for the day, and that I should go back inside to enjoy the warmth that the fire was providing. I also took a few more pictures while I was outside. It was a really beautiful day.

snowy creek

The creek is still flowing well
wintery waterfall

A small waterfall near the bridge over the creek