Now we know where we live
The puzzle is solved

puzzle of the house

Jigsaw puzzle of our house. The piece circled in red (shaped like a house) is where we live. The pinkish portion south of the house is the town of Spencer

Among other great gifts such as quality screwdrivers and saw horses, my parents got me and Clare a fun present for Christmas last year – a jigsaw puzzle constructed from a geological map of our house in Owen County, Indiana. Clare pulled it out a couple weeks ago to give it a go. It turned out to be pretty challenging. Clare and Liz did most of the puzzle, though a few friends (Sam, Charlie, and Phil) and Aubrie and I put in a few pieces. One of the challenges was that it did not come with a solution. Now that is done, the question is what to do with it? Put it back in the box? After all that hard work? I guess so. At least now we know where we live.