Spring Falls

Upper Cataract Falls

Upper Cataract Falls

A few weeks ago my parents visited us. One of the activities we chose was to check out Cataract Falls, which is only about 10 miles away from us. It is supposedly the largest waterfall in Indiana (by volume). We hopped in the car and were there in about 25 minutes. It was a sunny day, though quite windy, which made it a bit chilly. We spent some time looking at the covered bridge, which is the only one in Owen County, and admired the falls. We have had a lot of rain this winter/spring, so they were really flowing fast.

Lower Cataract Falls

Lower Cataract Falls

Cataract Falls actually has 2 sets of falls, an upper and a lower one (much like Tacquamenon Falls in the upper peninsula of Michigan). When we got to the lower falls, we were quite perplexed. According to their website, the upper falls drops 20 feet, and the lower falls 18 feet. We did not see any lower falls at all. The closest thing was the few ripples in the water seen in the picture here. We discovered the reason why later when we stopped at the general store in Cataract and looked at some postcards of the falls which looked very different from what we had seen. The creek was simply so flooded that the water in the lower falls simply rose to the level of the water above it. Pretty amazing.

Greenwells\' Falls

Greenwells’ Falls

Though Cataract Falls was very nice, we actually have a couple nice waterfalls on our own road, so I finally got around to taking some pictures of them. Our next door neighbors, the Greenwells, actually built a little waterfall on Fall Creek themselves, simply by piling up some rocks where there was already a bit of a fall. Apparently Tim Greenwell, their son, had started this process. At some point Vic also added some cement to the rocks, because he got tired of the neighbor kids kicking the rocks down.

Morgans\' Falls

Morgans’ Falls

The neighbors next to the Greenwells, the Morgans, have a couple natural waterfalls in the creek by their place. Clare is particularly fond of these, with good reason. You can really see the natural limestone on the sides of the banks.

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