A happy thanksgiving
Hello, Colorado!


fedibblety thanksgiving collage

Thanksgiving was a big success for the Fedibblety family. There were 8 (and 7/9) people in attendance, including Rob & Clare, Dave & Ellen, Harold & Fran, and also Bret & Drew. We had a very nice Thanksgiving day, with lots of cooking and eating. We even used the wood cookstove for some dishes.

Then on Friday, we packed up the moving truck, and Ellen & Dave drove it out to Colorado on Saturday, which was successfully unpacked today. It was quite a bit of work, but it is always nice to be together with family. Thanks to everyone for their help packing. We couldn’t have done it without you!!

We did get into one home improvement project during the holiday, which was replacing the brick moulding and the door frame to the door above the garage, which had been rotting. It seems that water had been collecting near the the bottom, and it was rotting up the sides. Ellen had the ingenious idea to put some flashing down to try to get the water to drip down and away, instead of sitting there. Hopefully that will work as intended. Only time will tell.

I’ll let the pictures display the rest.

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Hello, Colorado!”

  1. Love the pictures of your Thanksgiving!! We’ll have to tell you and Clare about the woodburning stove/oven we had in our Idaho Springs house.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your holiday meal with me! My favorite story about the cookstove is when Aunt Gertrude came out to Twin Springs with our mom and Ellen made the Thanksgiving turkey in that stove. Aunt Gertrude was the eldest child of the Von Bronk clan and our mom’s sister. She was a very good cook and always wanted to try her hand with the wood stove. We miss her and all of the family that have left this earth many of them before their time. Seeing your family together brings smiles and lovely memories of holidays past. Love, Aunt Jean

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