Spencer shows off his scooching skills

Spencer shows off his scooching skills

On Friday Spencer was awake and happy for awhile, so Clare decided to play with him on the floor for a bit. I got a little video of him demonstrating his scooching skills. It seems like he might start crawling at any moment. He has the leg part down pretty well, but not the arms. When he is motivated though, he can definitely move his little body quite a bit. Later Friday night he was sleeping in his crib, and when he told us he was ready to wake up, we found that he had scooched from the middle of the crib all the way to the front, and was pushing his ahead against the rails. He had a little dent in the top of his head. And this is with the crib bumpers installed!

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  1. What a mover and shaker! I’ll tell you what, if it weren’t for the proportionately large head, babies would be off and running by 3 months.

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