Linguolabial fricatives

Spencer trying out various labial fricatives and trills
Spencer trying out various labial fricatives and trills
Spencer has been making some pretty cool sounds for awhile now, but for some reason he was particularly talkative Tuesday evening, and I was lucky enough to catch a bit on video. He seems to be very interested in bilabial and linguolabial trills and fricatives.

For those non-phoneticians, bilabial means “with both lips”, and linguolabial means “with tongue and lips”. The difference between trills and fricatives can be subtle. Trills usually involve a repeated flapping. A common trill is the [r] in the Spanish word perro “dog”, as opposed to pero “but”. The latter is just a single flap. In contrast, fricatives tend to have constant friction. Sometimes some of these sounds are commonly referred to as “raspberries”, or “blowing a raspberry”. I personally have always thought blowing a raspberry necessitated one making these sounds on someone else, in particular the tummy. Does anyone else agree with me on that one, or am I all alone?

Spencer seems to be enjoying trying out all of these variations.

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