A Dibble Christmas

The greater Dibble Family - 23 in total
The greater Dibble Family - 23 in total

We had a great time at Christmas in New York, in spite of our delay getting there. The total head count this year on Christmas was 23. Every one enjoyed meeting Spencer, and he seemed to have a great time too. There were of course some presents given, but the best gift was simply everyone’s presence.

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  1. Hello Dibbles… I have arranged for Google to alert me everytime “Dibble” is posted so that is how I found you. I do that to to try to find relatives of my paternal GF Frank York Dibble (1867-1950), Son of Robert Nelson Dibble (1810-1904. GF Frank had bro.s named Alexander and William. They were with the railroad and moved across the nation from New York to Utah. My GF lived in Colorado Springs around 1900 and at some point moved E to Chicago where he met and wed my GM Sarah Edwards (Zanesville,OH). My GGF died in Mich.and is buried in Van Buren County. I was wondering if any of that connects with the history of your Dibble family? Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of your family. Visit my blog for photos of my kin. Leave me a message. Have a Happy New Year. Bob

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