Velaric ingressives

Spencer producing velaric ingressives
Spencer producing velaric ingressives
Lately Spencer has been making clicks (velaric ingressives), which is really cute. Here is a short video of him doing it. We are encouraging him by making some clicking noises ourselves. These are not the best exemplars he has made, but they are the ones that I have captured on video.

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  1. So are these velaric ingressives what we tend to notice in the Dine (aka Navajo) spoken language? And if so, what do the Dine call them?

  2. I would guess that what you are thinking about in Navajo is a velar ejective, also known as a velar glottalic egressive. With glottalic egressives, you close your vocal chords and let pressure build up behind them. You also make a closure with your tongue. Then you release both at the same time, which produces a loud, long burst of aperiodic noise.

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