King of the ladder

King of the ladder
King of the ladder
I have been doing some more home improvement lately — mostly installing new doors (more on that soon). Watching Spencer makes progress quite slow, so I frequently will only get a nail or two in at a time, while Spencer is playing with his car or something. Because of this, I have been keeping the small step ladder in the kitchen or front room much of the last week. While Dave and Ellen were visiting, Spencer decided that he liked the vantage point of the top of the ladder. In the last week, he has now learned how to climb up and down the ladder. I caught him doing this on video a couple days ago. He celebrates his ascent by doing some of his other favorite things: blowing, shaking his head, and clicking. We still haven’t figured out what shaking his head is supposed to mean, if anything. We have decided that it does not mean “no”.

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  1. So Spencer — already climbing the corporate ladder? Just a thought – be like your grandpas (and TMBG)

    on mondays, i never go to work
    on tuesdays, i stay at home
    on wednesdays, im never feeling fine
    work is the last thing on my mind
    on thursdays, it’s a holiday
    and fridays i detest
    oh, it’s much too late on a saturday
    and sunday is the day of rest

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