Spencer learning to walk
Spencer learning to walk
Based on his cruising abilities, we predicted Spencer would be walking by Thanksgiving. We then revised that estimate to Christmas, since he was getting so good at pushing around chairs. We were then sure that he would be walking by his first birthday, based on his ability to walk around with his Lightning McQueen car. It was starting to seem like Zeno’s dichotomy paradox. Spencer kept getting closer and closer to walking, but not there.

Well, this last week, his logarithmic improvements turned to exponential ones, and he has really started to take off. We spent the week in San Francisco. On Monday Spencer was starting to take 2-3 steps before grabbing onto something. By Friday he was up to 20-30, and by Sunday morning he was probably up to 100. He still reverts to crawling some, especially when he wants to play with with one of his beloved trucks. We are nonetheless very excited by his progress.

This video is from Paul and April’s house, where Spencer was highly encouraged to walk by Thomas’s example. Unfortunately, he also picked up on Thomas’s high-pitched squealing, though has yet to reach the lofty pitches or extreme amplitudes of Thomas.

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