Garbage man

Garbage man Spencer
Garbage man Spencer
Lika and Spencer on her last day. We'll miss you!
Lika and Spencer on her last day. We'll miss you!
Our nanny Lika is going back to Georgia. We are going to miss her very much. She started working for us last fall while I was teaching at the University of Colorado. Most recently she had been coming to watch Spencer so I could get work done on our bathroom remodel. Now I will be hiring temporary babysitters a couple times a week to fill that gap. I’m sure none of them will be as good as Lika. She took Spencer for long walks, was really great at playing with him, cleaned up around the house, and on her last day, she baked us some tasty Georgian cheesy pastries. She also fit in with our philosophy of letting Spencer play with most anything that isn’t too fragile or dangerous. On Thursday at some point Spencer decided to climb in to a trash can. What an adventurous guy! Spencer doesn’t really show his enthusiasm for Lika in the picture with her, but trust me, he was normally extremely happy with her.

Good luck with life in Georgia Lika. May our paths cross again.

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  1. I am the garbage man,
    the happy smiling garbage man
    i get my meals from the garbage can
    On the pay that I get, what else can you do?

    every day for a measly buck
    I drive around in a garbage truck
    you may think that’s rotten luck
    But it ain’t so bad, ’cause I’m a college grad!

    lost in oblivion,
    nowhere to go
    still I drive my garbage truck real slow
    because if you take it over 30, the brakes don’t work!

    life to me is an awful bore,
    picking up peach pits and apple cores
    sometimes I wonder what it’s all for
    you too can can be replaced by a machine!

    — credit to James A Longland and the 1960s.
    I memorized this like timothy mcveigh memorized ‘invictus’

    out of the night that covers me
    black for the pit from pole to pole
    I thank whatever gods may be
    for my unconquerable soul

    and so on…

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