Henry and Melanie

Spencer climbs out of Henry's crate
Spencer climbs out of Henry's crate
While we were in San Francisco last week, Spencer and I spent quite a bit of time hanging out with our friend Melanie, who conveniently had the week off work. Spencer likes Melanie a lot (and vice-versa); he also was very excited about Melanie’s dog Henry. Melanie has done a great job training Henry (especially considering that she got him as an adult from a shelter). Except for the occasional lick to the face, Henry was really great with Spencer, and Spencer was also pretty gentle with Henry.

Besides liking dogs, Spencer also likes things that open and close, and things to climb or push around. He quickly gravitated to Melanie’s step stool, both climbing it and pushing it around. He also found Henry’s crate quite fascinating, and at some point decided he should climb in and close the door. Seriously, I did not put my son in a dog crate. He climbed in all by himself. Thanks for showing us around the city Melanie. We had a great time!

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