Indiana labor day

Ben and Spencer playing in the sandbox
Ben and Spencer playing in the sandbox
For labor day this year we took a trip to visit friends in Indiana. We spent one night in the old house in Spencer, then went on to visit some other friends.

We spent one night with Tim and Phil in Brown County. Highlights there included Spencer getting to ride on the toy tractor Tim had for his son. Tim also tried to give Spencer a ride on the real tractor, but he seemed to be frightened by how loud it was. He did enjoy sitting on it while it was not running though.

We spent Sunday night at Sam and Charlie’s in Nobelsville. We got to meet Alex, who was born in February, and see how big Ben is getting. Spencer particularly enjoyed playing with Ben’s many cars. Sam and Clare even made a special trip for me to get some Indiana sweet corn. It was tasty. Charlie made a scrumptious apple pie for dessert.

It was good to see our Indiana friends again. Thanks for the hospitality!

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