Spencer in Spencer

Clare and Spencer up at the pond
Clare and Spencer up at the pond
Over Labor Day weekend we took a trip to Indiana to visit some friends, and to check on the Twin Springs property. Since Clare and I left in 2008, Tanya and Shane DeFord had been staying there (Tanya is the eldest daughter of Angie and Lewis Fender). They decided to buy a place of their own, so Ellen met us there to see how the place was and to find someone to rent it. Unlike some other occupants, Tanya and Shane left the place in great shape. In fact, they left it even cleaner than they found it. We only stayed there one night, since we had other friends to visit as well. It was very nice to see the place again. I’m looking forward to Ellen and Dave retiring there so we can go visit them.

Spencer had a fun time running around the big house and exploring, and then likewise in the big space outside. We were lucky enough to have warm, not humid weather.

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