Brinkermiller 2010

Spencer, Sarah, Clare, and Chris on the stairs
Spencer, Sarah, Clare, and Chris on the stairs
Last weekend Chris and Sarah visited us, almost exactly one year after their last visit. This time around Spencer had all sorts of new tricks to show them. Saturday we hung around for awhile, walked to Das Meyer for some treats, and then we went up to Boulder. Greg and Mekayla watched Spencer, and the adults got to go to happy hour at The Med. (Thanks Greg and Mekayla!)

Sunday morning we went to the zoo. It was beautiful weather and a great time. Spencer seemed very engaged by the elephants – more engaged in any animal than ever before. We also finally got to the Lorikeet adventure, which was really neat. Clare, Chris, and Sarah took turns feeding the lories and lorikeets. We also got to see 1 week old komodo dragons. Denver is the only zoo in the world to have successfully hatched komodo dragons for a third time.

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