Goodbye Grave Digger

Spencer playing with grave digger
Spencer playing with grave digger
One of our neighbors has a Power Wheels Grave Digger car. Spencer really likes to sit in it. They frequently leave it outside, and if we go on a walk, he will climb in, and usually we never get past our block. He likes to open and close the doors. They usually leave the battery out, so he can’t go anywhere.

Besides playing with Grave Digger, Spencer has been saying more words recently. One word which is pretty clear is bye. He usually waves when he says it, and he usually says it at appropriate times, like when I pick him up from The Academy. He will also say bye when he is riding some sort of toy car, which also makes sense. He also likes to say no, though not always at the right time. One example would be in reply to a question such as: do you want ice cream, which he usually does. In addition, his receptive vocabulary continues to grow quite fast, as is evidenced in the video here, in which he will close the door when I ask him to.

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