Toddler bed

Spencer in his toddler bed
Spencer in his toddler bed
10 days ago I converted Spencer’s crib into a toddler bed. I remember reading my friend Kevin’s blog about how it took 13 days for his daughter Nora to figure out she could get out of bed by herself. I was curious to see how long it would take Spencer. Right around the time I set it up, Spencer had been having some nightmares. This continued for the first few nights of the toddler bed. Several nights in a row he woke up screaming, and we found him in his bed standing up. Then last Sunday I had a really hard time getting him to sleep. He kept crying and crying. I finally went downstairs to make him another bottle of milk, when I saw him coming down the stairs. I wasn’t sure if I had closed his door fully or not, but he definitely got out of bed. And sure enough, he went to right to sleep after another bottle. I realized that he had said [baba] several times, and that he was referring to bottle. It can be confusing these days, since [baba] can mean many things coming from Spencer.

Monday morning around 7 a.m. I heard a thump. I looked up, and Spencer was walking into our bedroom. The thump was the sound of the door knob hitting the wall when he opened the door. Again, I wasn’t 100% certain that I had closed his door fully, but he definitely got out of bed. The same thing happened yesterday and today, so I can conclusively say that not only can Spencer get out of bed by himself, but he can also turn doorknobs and open doors. I am impressed!

Perhaps even more impressive is that Spencer peed in the potty for the second time last night before taking a bath. The first time was about two weeks ago. Tonight he tried to pee standing up into the potty, which didn’t go too well. It seems like he is well on his way towards being potty-trained.

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