Happy Second Birthday Spencer!

Spencer's 2nd birthday cake
Spencer's 2nd birthday cake
Spencer turned two years old today. We had a whole weekend full of fun. Even today was fun. Dave and Ellen arrived Friday evening, and Dave left a few minutes ago. We all had president’s day off, so we were able to continue playing with Spencer today. However, the big birthday event was on Saturday. We rented a room at the Apex – the local rec center – and had a pool party. Every one had a really great time. Ellen went all out with party favors and decorations using a fire truck theme. She got fire hats for every kid, along with buckets and beach balls they could use in the pool, plus fire-hydrant shaped water bottles, and some little fire engines. We couldn’t find a fire engine cake, so instead we got monster trucks, which Spencer absolutely loves.

Every one was able to make it to the party, including all the kids from our block, Spencer’s friend Tao from the Academy, who lives just around the block, plus my cousin Jessie and her kids, as well as one of Clare’s work friends. Spencer gots lots of cool new toys – mostly trucks and cars, his favorite. Thanks to every one for making Spencer’s second birthday a great one.

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