New drumset

Spencer playing his new drumset
Spencer playing his new drumset
Today we received boxes 2 and 3 of the 3 boxes Great Aunt Jean recently sent us, which were filled with a kid’s drumset. Jeff had given it to Billy quite a few years ago, and he has since outgrown it. It was packed very well, and arrived in wonderful condition. I eagerly put all the pieces together. Spencer seemed quite excited about it, though he didn’t want to play it until I sat down and started playing my kit too. Thank you so much Jeff, Jean Ann, Billy, Shannon, Kristen, and Bill!

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  1. Welcome to another drummer. I wonder what special quality this family has to attract drummers? Look out Meg, years of drumming to follow. Talk to Kristen and Jenny when you are able. They know what it is to have a brother drumming 24/7. There are lots of good stories about that. We all love the picture. The kit looks like it is just the right size for Spencer…love aunt jean

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