Sledding and snowman

Spencer and  our snowman
Spencer and our snowman
We got a really great snow a couple weeks ago. We got over a foot of snow on Friday, Feb 3rd, which closed school and work for Clare. By Saturday, the roads weren’t too bad (they even plowed our street!), it wasn’t too cold, and the sun was out. So it was ideal weather for sledding. We met some friends at a little hill in Wheat Ridge. Meg seemed to enjoy the sledding. Spencer did not want to actually go down on the sled. He had fun sliding down on his butt, or throwing the sled down empty though. Sunday we met Tao at a hill close to our house, and Spencer did decide to go down on the sled there, and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately we did not capture that experience digitally (except if you consider the brain’s memory digital, which it is in a sense, since neurons either fire or don’t).

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