Wood rack

Today I had the day off but the kids went to school so I took the opportunity to do a project. I have been wanting to build a wood rack for sometime now. The rack I built is 3 feet deep and 8 feet tall at the back. The roof has a slope of 30°. In hindsight I think I would’ve preferred to have made it 15°. Now I should have plenty of space to store at least a cord or two for the winter for my fireplace insert. Now I just have to put some shingles on the roof.

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  1. Very nice job! That is a very convenient spot for wood storage. Sorry the hammer was at our house.

  2. Architects measure the slope of a roof in rise to run. Depending on what you plan to cover that roof with a 15 degree slope ( just over 3″rise to 12″run) may not have been enough. Tar shingles require at least a 4:12 slope but a standing seam or corrugated metal roof can usually go as low as 2:12.

    While your slope of 30 degrees (or almost 7:12) is more than necessary, it is acceptable for tar shingles in a high snow load area.

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