Little musicians

Our kids really like music. They like listening, dancing, singing, and playing. Here are a couple videos illustrating it. One recent favorite is the Karaoke dance party on the Shrek DVD. The kids really like to dance it. At the end of the movie you can hear Meg saying “mees, mees”, and putting her fingers together. That means more. Putting the fingers together is the baby sign for more, which she picked up from school. I tried really hard to teach Spencer signs, and he never really picked them up. We did not try at all with Meg, and she got them from school. I have heard other parents tell similar stories about baby signs with siblings. I’m not sure why “mees” means more, although one theory I have is that it is “more please”, or perhaps even just “please”. Meg knows a ton of words now, though her pronunciation is not always that great. “Glasses” is frequently still something like “gaki”.

The second video is Spencer pretending that the ball on the top of his dining room chair is a microphone. He was practicing The Garden Song, one of his favorites. They have been practicing christmas songs at school for their pageant, and we asked him if he could sing “holly jolly christmas”. He replied: “this microphone doesn’t have that song”. We thought that was pretty hilarious.

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