Kauai, part 4

Clare and Rob at the Kalalau lookout

Rob checking out Waimea canyon
Rob checking out Waimea canyon

Friday was our last day on Kauai. Our flight didn’t leave until 9:30 p.m., so we had all day to explore. In the morning we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast in the room, packed up our things and then took off for Waimea canyon. We enjoyed the gorgeous mix of red rock, blue sky, white clouds, and green plants there. Then we continued on to the Kalalau lookout on the Northwestern corner of the island. We enjoyed some food and beer at the westernmost brewpub in the world, then caught the sunset near the Salt Ponds.

Kauai, part 3

Thursday was our last official day in Kauai with the other Nuancers. We didn’t have any planned excursions during the day though, so we had the whole day to ourselves. We rented a car and drove up to the north coast of Kauai. We stopped at a farmers market to check out some of the local produce, and had a a picnic lunch on the beach. Then we hiked some of the Kalalau trail. I wish we had left a little bit more time for hiking, so that we could have made it to the waterfalls, but it was more challenging than we had anticipated. Rob got almost 2 miles in (and then 2 miles back). Clare made it somewhere between 1 and 2 miles.

In the evening, we had the farewell dinner, followed by a concert with Kelly Clarkson.

Spencer’s surprise

Spencer has been enjoying watching curious George lately. Yesterday he asked our neighbor Jake if he wanted to watch today’s George movies. But it was too late for Jake. Instead he lent Spencer a curious George book. Today Nick and Karen came over and Spencer wanted to surprise them and show them his curious George book and movies. This picture shows everyone watching curious George.

Visiting drew and geebi

Last Sunday we hung out with drew and geebi in their apartment in Oakland. Our friend Melanie was also able to come visit. Drew also treated us to some great food at Burma star. Spencer even tried the rice balls that Grace made.