David and Ellen Dibble’s 40th Anniversary Party

Dibble-40thLots of old friends stopped by on Sunday to congratulate them on 40 years together. There was a¬†lot of food and a lot of love. And my parents wound up with a lot of wine. Apparently, what people think you need after 40 years of marriage is a drink ūüėČ In all seriousness, though, thank you to everyone who helped celebrate.

Spencer Arrival and Party Prep

We arrived in Spencer late Tuesday night. On Wednesday, we woke up to find the grass was over Spencer’s head and there was no hot water. Other than that, the place was in pretty good shape (probably because of Ellen’s March visit). So we gave the kids old fashioned sink baths with water heated on the stove and got to work. ¬†We set up beds and Spencer helped vacuum. Friends and neighbors helped us prepare for company.

Rob and Dave joined us late Friday night. Drew and Geebi got in on Saturday afternoon. The Felty’s and Sadie drove in Saturday evening. We grilled out and enjoyed each other’s company. Family time included the cousins playing where Drew and I used to play with the toys we used to play with. Part of the joy of generations is seeing these patterns play out.

Cross country RV trip

Heading east from Lake Scott, we took I-70 all the way to Terre Haute. We made stops in Columbia, Missouri, St. Louis, and several playgrounds along the way. In St. Louis, we went to the top of the Arch and took a river boat ride.

Memorial Day at Lake Scott Park in Kansas

To begin our epic journey from Arvada, Colorado to Spencer, Indiana, we drove the RV from our House to Lake Scott Park in Kansas. Clare drove the Mazda to Lake Scott and Rob drove the RV, so Rob could get some RV¬†experience¬†and still have a vehicle to get back home. We drove through Kit Carson, Colorado, and Sharon Springs, Kansas because Ellen has gotten very interested in¬†genealogy¬†and Ellen’s dad was born in Kit Carson and his¬†ancestors¬†came from Sharon Springs. They were both pleasant wide spots in the road.

We all camped and played together on Friday night and Saturday night. We swam in the (still pretty chilly) lake, played on the playground, had a camp fire, and checked out how cool the RV is (especially on sunny afternoons). On Sunday afternoon, Rob drove the Mazda back home to Colorado so that he could work on the house and garden as well as his job. Ellen, Clare, Spencer and Meg loaded up in the RV to head east.


Here’s a little video of Meg and Spencer riding the horsies at the grocery store by our house. It’s only a penny!

Meg’s new bed

While Spencer, Meg, and Clare where RVing across the country, Rob added a little color to the kids rooms and set up Meg’s big girl bed. Everyone wanted to try out her slide. She can climb up and down. The only thing we are not sure she can do in this bed is sleep ūüôā