Memorial Day at Lake Scott Park in Kansas

To begin our epic journey from Arvada, Colorado to Spencer, Indiana, we drove the RV from our House to Lake Scott Park in Kansas. Clare drove the Mazda to Lake Scott and Rob drove the RV, so Rob could get some RV experience and still have a vehicle to get back home. We drove through Kit Carson, Colorado, and Sharon Springs, Kansas because Ellen has gotten very interested in genealogy and Ellen’s dad was born in Kit Carson and his ancestors came from Sharon Springs. They were both pleasant wide spots in the road.

We all camped and played together on Friday night and Saturday night. We swam in the (still pretty chilly) lake, played on the playground, had a camp fire, and checked out how cool the RV is (especially on sunny afternoons). On Sunday afternoon, Rob drove the Mazda back home to Colorado so that he could work on the house and garden as well as his job. Ellen, Clare, Spencer and Meg loaded up in the RV to head east.

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