Photo Booth

Drew and Geebi wanted to have a photo booth at their wedding reception. Instead of paying a ton of money to hire somebody, they decided to do it themselves. They bought some fun costume items for people to wear. Ellen created a nice little backdrop, and she asked me to bring a tripod and my nice camera with a remote. Ellen thought that people could figure out the remote all by themselves. I was a little bit suspicious, and figured I would end up manning the photo booth much of the night.

I was half right.

Meg and Spencer wanted to help me set up the camera, and Spencer got very interested in working the remote. He ended up manning the photo booth for most of the reception, and worked the remote for everyone! He did a great job. In fact, there was one person who didn’t believe Spencer knew what he was doing, and took the remote from him, and could not get it to work, even though he was telling them how to do it. They simply weren’t expecting a 5-year-old to know what he was talking about (the only tricky thing about the remote is that it is optical – there is a sensor on the camera next to the lens. If you are on the wrong side of the lens, the sensor can’t see the remote, because the lens is in the way).

Great idea Ellen and Geebi! And thanks for all the help Spencer!

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