Spencer reading the lorax to Meg

Boring exciting weekend

Spencer came down with a cold last Sunday. He had a mild fever and developed a cough. He stayed home Monday and Tuesday, and I knew he was really sick, because he actually took naps. Wednesday he seemed better and the fever was gone, so I sent him to school, but he got sent home in the afternoon with a mild fever. I called the nurse, and she said to wait until Friday to bring him in if it didn’t go away. Thursday morning he seemed good and his fever was gone, so he went to school, but he got sent home again. I decided he should stay home Friday and made an appointment at the doctor. When we got to the doctor, his blood oxygen level was only 88 % . They gave him some albuterol through nebulizer, but it did not improve. A chest x-ray showed likely pneumonia, so they put him on oxygen, and sent him to the hospital. So we got to ride in an ambulance, ( no lights flashing) which was exciting. Thereafter ensued 48 hours of boredom. He stayed on oxygen for most of the first day. They tried taking him off while he was sleeping, but his oxygen level was too low. Around noon on Saturday he finally went off oxygen, but they still wanted him to stay one more night, to check him while he was sleeping. He did much better, and we are finally getting ready to go home. To complicate matters, Clare is in California for work this week. Thankfully, Clare’s parents are nearby and always ready to help. They took care of Meg so that I could stay with Spencer. They did come to visit a couple times, which was nice. When they came to visit Saturday, they brought crafting supplies. Meg made a reindeer with Santa clauses for antlers. She is so creative! Spencer and I passed the time by playing cards and games. I taught him the card game spit, and also Risk. He has been wanting to play Risk for some time, but I have been telling hook it takes too long. We finally had several hours to kill. It really stinks being in the hospital, and it seemed like a bit of an overreaction to me, but having personally known a healthy person who died of pneumonia, I’m really glad to know he is okay.

Noshing nieces and nephews in New York

Fun with friends in Philadelphia

The Fedibbletys at the Liberty Bell

The Fedibbletys at the Liberty Bell
The Fedibbletys at the Liberty Bell
This year for Thanksgiving we traveled out East. The ultimate goal was Clinton, NY, but it is kind of hard to get there, so we decided to fly into Philadelphia, and take the opportunity to visit some friends from grad school – Wendy and Craig. Wendy is now living with Pete, and Craig is living with Felicia. We stayed with Craig and Felicia, but got to hang out with Wendy and Pete too, as well as their children – Isaac, Aaron, and Vera. On Saturday, we went downtown and saw the Liberty Bell, which the kids and I had not seen before. It was a bit smaller than I expected, but it was still really cool to see. I also thought that the signs at the Liberty Bell about slavery were very interesting. Other than the Liberty Bell, we mostly just let the kids play, and the adults got to catch up. We did do a movie night – Happy Gilmore, which Spencer and Meg really enjoyed. We also went to a bounce house, which is always fun. Meg really loved playing with Craig – he spent quite a bit of time pretending to be a monster and chasing all the kids around.

Lazy day

After a week of traveling for thanksgiving, we are enjoying a lazy day at home, keeping warm with a fire. The kids are enjoying watching some ninja go together.

Halloween 2015

Meg and Spencer being silly

We had quite a bit of fun for halloween this year. Clare dressed up as sadness from the movie Inside Out. I was a Minion. Meg was Rapunzel, and Spencer was a football player. It looks like we forgot to get a family photo, but at least we got some of the kids.
And for comparison – I was a football player for halloween when I was five. Look similar?

Fall fun


Last weekend was gorgeous here, with highs near 70. Sunday we raked some leaves, and I cleaned out the garage, so we can now fit both cars in; just in time, since it might snow tomorrow.


Spencer’s piano recital

Spencer had his second piano recital Monday. It was a Halloween themed recital. He played 2 songs. I only got video of the first one – A spooky halloween.

He has a lot of talent for music, but hasn’t been enjoying it too much, so he is going to take a break for awhile. I hope he comes back to it at some point.

Meg at the Denver Art Museum

Meg went to the art museum with mom and grandma. She loved the pictures of flowers (Bloom exhibit), especially the interactive components. There was a wall of flower smells, a digital interactive program to design still lifes, and Meg’s favorite, the Flower studio where she painted, drew, and crafted her own flowers. She also showed Grandma her gift shop treasures. It was a fun afternoon for the girls.

Spencer’s field trip to the zoo

The first grade visited the zoo last Thursday. Spencer saw lots of animals, including a sea lion show, an elephant show, a growling tiger and more. It was a perfect day for it and a very busy 3 hours.