Cub scout

Spencer is very excited for his first cub scout meeting tonight. He even wore his uniform to school. Monday he wanted to wear just his neckerchief, since I was still working on sewing on his patches. His neckerchief slide fell off on the way to school (on a day he decided to walk by himself). After school we retraced his steps and found it!


First day of school

Today Spencer started first grade and Meg started junior kindergarten. Megan is excited to see her friend Bailey on her first day of school.

Family reunion day 5

Family reunion day 4

Family reunion day 3

Family reunion – group pictures

Family reunion day 2

Family reunion day 1

Last week we had a family reunion in Estes Park, a repeat of the one five years ago. This year we were missing 6 people from last time (Tommy & Gretchen, and the Boyds), but we added 3 1/2 – Meg, James and Cecilia Baek (Grace’s parents), and the yet to be named child of Grace and Drew!

Day 1 highlights included hiking to Nymph lake, seeing a deer right behind our cabin, and Meg getting her makeup done by Aunt Grace. The day concluded with an awesome observatory visit for star-gazing, which Ellen arranged for us.

Tying shoes

Spencer learned how to tie his shoes this weekend. I had tried to teach him several times over the last six months or so, but he didn’t really get it. On Saturday, it suddenly seemed to sink in. I’m really proud! Sent from my iPhone