Wood rack, take two


This summer I built a new wood rack. I had tried to move the one from our old house, but the movers couldn’t get it out of our back gate, so I finally got around to building a new one this year. I followed a pretty similar plan as last time. This time I did not make the roof as steep, because it ended up reducing the space for wood quite a bit. I used 1/4″ plywood on the sides, and 1/2″ plywood for the roof. I used a number of 2x4s leftover from Dave and Ellen’s reconstruction project, and bought a couple new ones. I did make one mistake – I put plywood nearly the entire back this time, including all the way down to the horizontal 2x4s. This meant that there was no place for the logs to rest. So I ended up adding some additional 2x4s inside the vertical 2x4s. This actually had the advantage of making it possible to stack the front row of wood without sticking out too much.

Spencer, Meg, and Clare all helped stack the wood.

Putting on roll roofing
Roll roofing attached
Assembling wood rack – using a small scrap piece of wood to hold up leg horizontally
Attaching plywood back
Handy screwdriver attachment keeps screws from falling
Wood rack complete
Finished wood rack
Spencer helping stack wood
Wood rack loaded with 1 cord of black walnut, birch and white oak
Meg and Spencer looking at the toad that came with the wood
Spencer holds the toad

Sledding to school

We finally got snow yesterday after a very warm fall. In typical colorado style, it was 80 on Wednesday and snowing on Thursday. It should mostly be melted by tomorrow. One of the great features of our house is that the kids can sled to school.