Love trumps hate

We took the kids to the Women’s march in Denver this morning. It was very moving to be in a mass of people chanting and peacefully protesting. The whole parade route filled up with people and there were still people milling around the park where we gathered. Meg’s Favorite saying was, “Love, not hate, makes America great.” Spencer’s favorite saying was, “Our body, our choice.” Rob’s favorite chant was, “What do we want? Equal pay. When do we want it? Yesterday!” Clare’s favorite sign was, “Science is real.” Or “Respect your mother (with a picture of the earth.” We found, “Super callow fragile ego trump you are atrocious.” And “Keep your tiny hands off my healthcare’ less positive but clever parts of the protest. When we reached the end of the parade route, there were still people just stepping off. And more people gathering and coming as we left.

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