Day 1: trials and triumphs

This morning, we went to get the car so we could turn in the giant van we used to get all our luggage from Frankfort to Aachen. It wasn’t where Rob left it, which in daylight you could see was a no parking zone. The sign was covered by a bush and the curb wasn’t painted, but the links of the adjacent fence were red and white, which means no parking. So we walked to the local car rental office, who knew immediately where it was and gave us a ride there. However, after we got back with the van, it took a long time to check the van back in and get out combi (station wagon) for reasons don’t completely understand. That took all morning. Luckily, this car fits in the parking included with this apartment, unlike yesterday’s van.
In the afternoon, we checked out 3 apartments, in very different parts of the city, which had a wide range of pluses and minuses. We had lunch out at a kebab place, which I’m going to enjoy having close by. With all the morning excitement, we did not get to a German bank to open an account today. Tomorrow is a holiday (Corpus Christi), so we will try again on Friday for both the bank account and looking at more apartments. Things are mostly closed in Germany tomorrow, so I picked up a few extra groceries this evening.


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  1. Hopefully no fines were charged to retrieve the larger vehicle. So what do you call a resident of Aachen? An Aachenian ?

    (This site uses Akismet? Do I need a lawyer?)

    1. They don’t charge fines for towing vehicles in Germany, just like in America. Towing companies just do it for fun 😉

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