Adams visit

Saturday morning we made another big breakfast – this time Clare and Rob made german style pancakes, which are much more like crepes. They were also popular.

After breakfast we all split up for a bit. Clare dropped Spencer off at uncle Drew’s, Meg at Sarah’s, and then did some grocery shopping. Rob cleaned up from breakfast, then headed over to visit with our neighbor Keith to get the latest gossip.

Around noon, the Adams arrived from Salida. I mentioned it while they were here, and I’ll say it again – with some friends, you can pick up right where you left off, even if it has been several years since seeing them. We mostly just hung out, drank PBR and margaritas, grilled some veggies and steak, and unlike most of our barbecues back in the day, got to eat mostly uninterrupted and without kids on our laps. After dinner there was hot tubbing, and the women and children got frozen yogurt, while the men sat by the bonfire.


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