Imagination Station and card games

Saturday we continued our lazy morning habits of coffee, bagels, conversation and cards. Then we headed off to Toledo to the Imagination Station, and met Sean there, who had just moved to Ft. Wayne to start a program for physician’s assistant. Unbeknownst to us, it was also the day for the Toledo Pride festival, which made parking a little tricky, but also provided us with some additional fun atmosphere and colorful costumes to admire (not to mention some nice architecture). Sadie had been there before, so she showed us all the coolest parts, including a bike suspended on a tight wire on the second floor, held steady by some very heavy weights. Meg and Spencer were both tired and fell asleep on the way back.

After we got back to Trenton we fired up the grill with some fresh Michigan corn and brats (and then cooked everything inside after we ran out of propane). We took the opportunity of all being together to take some group pictures.

We topped off the evening with the traditional Goold/Felty card game Hell. We called it a night when it got too late, and declared Sadie the winner with 8 points.

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