Adams visit

Saturday morning we made another big breakfast – this time Clare and Rob made german style pancakes, which are much more like crepes. They were also popular.

After breakfast we all split up for a bit. Clare dropped Spencer off at uncle Drew’s, Meg at Sarah’s, and then did some grocery shopping. Rob cleaned up from breakfast, then headed over to visit with our neighbor Keith to get the latest gossip.

Around noon, the Adams arrived from Salida. I mentioned it while they were here, and I’ll say it again – with some friends, you can pick up right where you left off, even if it has been several years since seeing them. We mostly just hung out, drank PBR and margaritas, grilled some veggies and steak, and unlike most of our barbecues back in the day, got to eat mostly uninterrupted and without kids on our laps. After dinner there was hot tubbing, and the women and children got frozen yogurt, while the men sat by the bonfire.


Friday fun

Friday proved to be just as busy as every other day. Dave made a big breakfast of pancakes, plus biscuits and gravy for the 10 of us (including Louis and Angie). Then Dave and Spencer went golfing in the morning, while Clare, Rob, Meg, and Wolfie met Sarah at the Splash pool in Golden. Again, little photo evidence of these activities. It’s hard to get pictures at the pool if you are also swimming. Wolfie really loved getting splashed by the gigantic bucket.

After a quick lunch the fun continued. Meg and Clare went to see Sophia and Liz, while Spencer played with Bruno at his house.




Howdy Ichneumons in Boulder!


Wednesday happened, but apparently we forgot to take any pictures, so you will have to take our word for it. In the morning we met Sarah and her girls at the Apex for swimming. Clare and I went out to lunch, and then later the kids went to Skate City. Dave made tasty quiche for dinner.

By Thursday we were all starting to get a bit more used to the rocky mountain time zone, which meant that instead of waking up at 2 am and struggling to get back to sleep, we all woke up about 6 a.m. We had an early breakfast, and decided to do a few things around Arvada before heading up to Boulder to see Greg and Mekayla. The boys went to the driving range to hit some balls, and the girls went to Target to pick up a few items of clothing for which the American version seems to fit better than the German version.

Shortly after we got back, we got a surprise visit from Louie and Angie Fender, old friends of Dave and Ellen from Indiana. We chatted with them for awhile, then headed up to Boulder to meet the Ichneumons for lunch at a Mexican restaurant (we have really missed Mexican food). Centro is definitely much more of a hipster fusion Mexican style than Tequillenos, which was a nice contrast. The employees all wore t-shirts saying “build tacos not walls”. After lunch we walked around the Pearl St. mall some, enjoying the scenery, the street performers, and the splash pad. Meg really wanted a snow cone, but the rest of us held out for  Sweet Cow ice cream, which was very tasty. Afterwards we hung out and Greg and Mekayla’s house, catching up on all the happenings of the last year. We worked together to make a simple yet tasty dinner of pasta with sautéed veggies and sauce. It reminded me that I haven’t really cooked with friends in a long time.  It was really great to see them.


Tuesday – Art museum and American Football

Tuesday morning we woke up treated to a breakfast of biscuits and gravy. We learned that morning that Meg’s old scout troop was making an outing to the art museum and that Meg was invited. Ellen took Clare and me to Walmart to get some temporary SIM cards for our phones so we could communicate better during our visit, and then she dropped off Meg and Clare at the new train station in downtown Arvada which finally opened recently. They had a great time.

While they were at the art museum, we got Spencer some football gloves and a new pair of shoes in preparation for an American football practice that evening with his old flag football team. I will never get tired of watching football with the sun setting behind the mountains.

Hello USA

Monday morning we left our apartment in Würselen at 8:15 in the morning. We arrived in Dave and Ellen’s house in Arvada about 22 hours at 10:15 in the evening, after a long trip of taxi, fast train (200 miles per hour), walking a mile in Frankfurt airport, a one hour flight to Zürich Switzerland, more walking and a short train, a 10.5 hour flight to Denver, more walking, customs (contrary to advice previously given to Clare, they do not allow you to bring sealed meats like sausage into the USA 🙂 ), and a 45 minute drive from the Denver airport to Arvada. When we arrived, Clare and I headed straight to bed. Meg headed straight to the hot tub. Meg and Spencer are really great travelers.