Metropolis and Soap Box derby

Clare has a yearly retreat this Monday and Tuesday where all her colleagues present what they have been doing for the past 6 months. Most of her colleagues have spent the last 2 weeks working on their presentations, but we were on vacation, which means that Clare had to work some this weekend. The good news is that there were fun things to do for me and the kids, so we could give her some alone time to work. The bad news is that she missed them ūüôĀ

Saturday the local movie theater Metropolis (which is in the old train station in W√ľrselen) celebrated its 30th anniversary with an open house. They had food and games, short movies, and music. One of the games was a tall pole with several hooks on it at different heights, and you had to try to throw a bike tire to land on the hooks. It was quite fun (unfortunately I accidentally hit Meg above her eyebrow one time, so she has a rug burn there now, but it will heal).

Sunday was the 3rd annual soap box derby in W√ľrselen. We missed the one last year for some reason – I think mostly just because we were exhausted from starting school and being in a new country. One nice thing about living in a small town is that whenever we go to one of these festivals, we see people we know – from school, or soccer, or something else. The soap box derby went from about 11:00-17:00. There were a lot of different cars and racers. And of course there was the usual food like bratwurst and french fries, and beer. There was also a bouncy house and face painting. I found it interesting that most of the face painters were only about 12 years old.