Buongiorno Italia!

Saturday we woke up around 3:40 a.m., quickly got dressed, packed up a few snacks, and hopped into the car, heading to Charleroix airport in Belgium. We took a couple wrong turns, but made it there with a few minutes to spare for our 6:55 a.m. flight to Naples. The flight was fine. The kids like it when we go down onto the runway and up the stairs.

We got into Naples airport around 9 a.m., got a taxi to the (sea)port, which turned out to be much bigger than we originally thought, so we sort of wandered around aimlessly for a bit trying to figure out exactly where our ferry was leaving from. Eventually we found it, and also found the place to store our luggage. We got some breakfast at a small cafe, then headed over to the castle right by the port.

One thing we can say about Italy is that everything is even older than in Germany. The “new” castle (Castel Nuovo) was built in 1279. One of the coolest parts was a room with a glass floor exposing Roman ruins underneath the castle.

After touring the castle for a bit we headed to the Piazza del Plebiscito, a famous square in Naples, and then we looked around for a place to get some pizza. We walked through the narrow streets of the old town and ended up at a place that was really great.

Once we finally paid the check for the pizza, we moseyed back down to the port, stopping for some gelato first, which was incredible, and also fairly reasonably priced – 2.50 for 2 scoops. Our ferry was a few minutes late, but not too much. The ride was very pleasant and scenic.

Once we got into the main port of Sorrento we took a taxi to our apartment, which ended up being a bit pricier and longer than we expected, but it was worth it. One thing we hadn’t realized so much is that the ports around Sorrento are all surrounded by cliffs, which means getting into and out of the port itself is somewhat challenging, especially by car. After we got to the apartment, our host gave us a number of good tips, the best of which was that there is an elevator to get up the cliff, which means that you don’t have to walk down the narrow winding road that cars use. The elevator is 0.50€ – well worth the money. After settling in, Clare and I walked to the grocery store and picked up some things for the first couple days. We were all exhausted, and went to bed early.

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