Regina Giovanna Baths

After having a good experience on the train on Monday, we decided to venture further on Tuesday – a hike to the Regina Giovanna bath, to visit Roman ruins at the tip of the peninsula of Sorrento. We stopped by the grocery store again on our way out for some sandwiches, since we didn’t know if there would be any place to get food near the baths. When we arrived at the train station, there was a train on the tracks. It seemed a bit early, but we got on and waited. After about 10 minutes of waiting on the train, the conductor looked at us and told us to get off. The train was “kaputt”. So we waited another 30 minutes for the next one, which seemed to be working. Now we started to understand the reputation of the “worst train in the world”.

We only needed 2 stops to get Sorrento, at which point we first decided to try to find some goggles or snorkeling gear for swimming, since the kids had forgotten their goggles (fortunately Rob had remembered his, so we could share). We found some snorkles, got some gelato, and then headed to the bus stop. We had been told it is a good idea to buy round trip tickets for the bus, so we did so. The bus ride was fairly uneventful, but it was good that we had our GPS, because that way we could see where we were going on the map, since they didn’t announce any stops. Right as we got off the bus we found some vending machines, and decided to get some extra drinks for the hike.

We had read that the hike was quite challenging, but actually it turned out to be relatively easy for us. Most of the hike was on a nice cobblestone paved path, so the 1-2 kilometer within about 20 minutes. The trickiest part was when we finally got to the ruins, and could see the protected swimming cove – we couldn’t figure out which path to get down there at first, but eventually we did. The water was definitely a degree or two colder than by our beach the day before, but still quite swimmable. It was good that we got there when we did, as it started to get quite crowded shortly thereafter. After about an hour of swimming we dried off and found a place to enjoy our lunch. On our way out of the sea we saw an octopus hiding among the rocks; its head was about the size of a volleyball!

After lunch we looked around the ruins a bit more, then headed back up the trail. Going uphill was of course slower, but still not too bad. A bus arrived just as we got to the stop, but apparently not the bus we wanted – our return tickets were for the SITA bus. This was an EAV bus, which was not even listed as a possibility on Google Maps. We decided to wait for the next one. It zoomed by 20 minutes later without stopping. Then another EAV bus came, and we decided to just pay on the bus. Only now we didn’t know exactly where this bus was headed. We got off near the train station, and found a train back. It was about 5 p.m. when we got back to the apartment, and the kids had not had enough swimming. Clare went down to the beach with them while I made dinner and booked a boat trip for Thursday.

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