London adventures

Fedibbletys at the Westminster tube station

While Stone Henge was the big reason we went to England, we also had some time to explore London as well. After we got back from Stone Henge we had a little time to relax, then we headed to Westminster Abbey for an organ concert. Once again, Clare’s research was spot on – it was fairly expensive to get a tour of the church, but concerts are services and are free, though it did require a ticket in advance. It was a very nice concert. Afterwards we had dinner at a typical London pub.

The next day we headed first to the Tower of London, which housed many famous prisoners throughout history, as well as the Crown Jewels. We walked along the Thames some, then had pizza at a place recommended by a work colleague from Naples. We toured the National Gallery at Trafalgar square a bit, walked past Buckingham palace, and then headed back to the hotel with tired feet. Clare and I had a date at a nearby Indian restaurant and brought back some takeout for the kids.

The next morning it was time to get back on the train already. We got to King’s Cross station with enough time to stop by platform 9 3/4, where they have set up a Harry Potter shop. The trip back on the Eurostar train was very enjoyable, and our car was waiting for us back in the nicest parking garage ever. We got home in time to open a few presents before shutting our eyes and dreaming of der Weihnachtsmann.

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