Happy Mother’s Weekend

Last weekend we spent much of the time celebrating the button in our family – that is, the person who holds everything to together – Clare. Meg made several projects for her, including one that was a school project, plus several she came up with on her own, or saw on youtube. While Clare was at work the kids and I went shopping a couple times in downtown Würselen to get some presents – including ordering some flowers, and some fancy Belgian pralines.

Tortellini, Salmon with carmelized soy-honey glaze, white asparagus with lemon butter sauce, and mache salad (Feldsalat)

Clare requested scallops for her special meal. I went on Friday to the local fish monger, but they were out. They said they would have some on Saturday. I went back Saturday, and they still didn’t. So I got a nice salmon filet instead. Clare got some fresh asparagus from the local farm stand, and we had a nice meal. We decided to eat on Saturday instead of Sunday, because it was fresh.

On Sunday, Meg woke up around 7 o’clock to get all the surprises ready for Clare, including making french toast. I went out to get rolls from the bakery for pulled-pork for dinner. I was also going to pick up the flowers from the florist we had ordered earlier in the week. I ended up not getting rolls, as the line at the bakery was half-way down the street, and it was starting to drizzle a bit. so we ended up having our pulled pork sandwiches on english muffins instead, which was still good. Clare also bought fresh strawberries and rhubarb at the farm stand. There was just enough for 2 pies. The strawberries were so sweet that I halved the sugar. I also need to remember to thank my mother for teaching me how to make pie. We shared one of them with our friends down the street at typical “Kaffee und Kuchen” time. They provided the coffee, which is always very tasty. It was the first time we had visited anyone in nearly 2 months! (thanks Covid 🙁 )

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  1. Glad you are having a great time. Noticed the renters are getting ready to move out. Wondering if you are coming back to the Colorado any time soon or if you are staying longer. WE miss you!!!!

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