Portrait of a young girl

Yesterday we saw a portrait artist in Strasbourg and Meg really wanted to get her portrait drawn. Meg was very good at posing , and the result was quite good


Fedibbletys in Vaduz

I have always wanted to visit Liechtenstein, I suppose just because it is a tiny country. Today we’re finally made it happen. We stopped for a couple hours on our way from Italy. We drove through a bunch of Switzerland, which was really beautiful. The toilets at one of the rest stops were very unique. The weather wasn’t great, raining on and off. It was clear for an hour or so though, and we enjoyed just strolling through Vaduz, looking up at the castle and visiting the old covered bridge to Switzerland.

Lazy on Lake Iseo

Today we spent the whole day just relaxing by lake Iseo. We went swimming for a bit, which was nice, but not as nice as Lake Bled or in Pula. We enjoyed making Italian style coffee, playing crazy 8s, and napping on the balcony with fake grass carpet.

Benvenuti in Italia

Meg and Clare at Lake Iseo

Today we arrived at Lake Iseo, in northern Italy. The drive was relatively easy, other than the hour long wait to cross the border from Croatia to Slovenia. The border from Slovenia to Italy was not controlled.

After we got settled in and got some groceries we went out for some famous Italian pizza, which did not disappoint. In Italy they take your temperature at all restaurants. They do not take your address like in Germany though. Life in the Covid crisis is interesting

Life by the sea

As usual, Clare found us a fantastic place to stay, with beautiful views, and a 10 minute walk to the beach. The beach in Croatia is rocky, but we were prepared with water shoes.

This morning we went to the beach. The water was crystal clear. We saw some starfish , small jellyfish which don’t sting, and many beautiful rocks.

Welcome to Pula

View from the balcony in Pula, Croatia

For the most part our trip has gone really well in spite of Corona measures. Perhaps the worst part is border crossings. Today we waited over 90 minutes to cross from Slovenia to Croatia. It was incredibly hot in the car, as you can see by the sweat dripping down Spencer’s face. Fortunately I read some of Surely you’re joking Mr. Feynman for entertainment.

Spencer sweating while waiting in line at the border

Postojna Caves

After a few days of swimming in Lake Bled, we headed south toward Croatia. We stopped at the impressive Postojna caves for a tour. people have been throwing posh parties here since the 1800s. It was early in electrification. One early cavern has a giant chandelier. There is a deeper cavern where they hold concerts.

Bled Castle

We got to admire the view, print on a mechanical printing press and fill a bottle of wine at Bled Castle. Here is a video of Meg’s turn at the printing press: https://youtu.be/oC1K9dWByic