Swimming in Lake Bled

After touring the Bled castle today, we spent most of the rest of the day enjoying the lake. Clare was the photographer this afternoon, and thus not pictured ūüôĀ The water was a bit cold, but amazingly clean and clear, and definitely swimmable. We rented a stand up paddleboard for awhile, which Meg and I very much enjoyed. Spencer and I tried to swim out to the island near the end, but I could only make it about 2/3 of the way. He probably could have made it the whole way. I don’t think I have ever swum in a more picturesque setting.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

The Fedibbletys at Lake Bled, Slovenia

On Tuesday, we wondered south from Austria and we all encountered a new to us country: Slovenia. Beautifully clean and bio diverse.

Wild waters

Today we hiked part of the Wilde Wasser trail in Schladming Austria. It was very steep at times, but it was really beautiful, and we were rewarded with a beer garden at the top. The weather was perfect. We finished around 15.30, and it started raining around 16.30.

Fedibbletys at Riesach waterfall

Radstadt, Austria

Our first country outside Germany was Austria. We stayed in the Salzburg countryside and went hiking on a trail called Wild Waters and then to Therme Amanda (no pictures of that).

2020 Physically distanced road trip

It must be the future because everyone is wearing a mask

We left Friday for our 2020 road trip. So far, so good. We picked up some Bavarian themed masks in Dachau. Hopefully wearing a mask will no longer be popular in 2021.

Independent in Dachau

Independent burritos

This year we celebrated independence day with another expat from Trenton Michigan in Dachau, near Munich. We took a long walk in the woods, had lunch at a beer garden, and then had burritos for dinner. It was great. Thanks to the Gallagher family for being such great hosts.