Whiskey Peach Butter

Last weekend, I got a 2 kg flat of peaches on special. They were good, but not amazing. I decided to use them to make something and today I decided that something should be peach butter. I blanched the peaches, peeled and diced them, and cooked them down in the pretty pink blanching water (which contained about a teaspoon of salt), which I filtered before I used for cooking. I added 1/2 cup rohrzucker/ brown sugar, a generous tablespoon of honey and a dash of lemon juice at the beginning of the process. After about 4 hours simmering on low heat, I puréed the mixture, added a dash of cinnamon, another dash of lemon juice, and a shot of whiskey. I simmered the mixture another 15-20 minutes and stored in jars in the fridge. I’d probably make more if I was going to can it, but I doubt this peach butter will last long enough to need preservation methods.

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