Fun with food


Taking pictures of food is fun, isn’t it? I wanted to share a few fun food pictures we have taken over the last couple months, which I have neglected to publish.

Egg explosion!

This morning I made hard-boiled eggs, and one exploded while cooking. Clare liked it anyways. (I had actually been going for soft-boiled, but they cooked a bit too long).

Exploded egg

Colorful plate

I heard somewhere that it is healthy to eat a variety of differently colored food. My plate yesterday had green, orange, purple, white, and brown. I don’t think it gets much better than that.

Taco Town!

One of my favorite tv shows is Saturday Night Live, and I enjoy watching old skits on YouTube. I have also introduced the kids to these. They particularly like the fake commercials. One of our favorites is the Taco Town commercial, which is making fun of Taco Bell creating ever bigger combinations of food. Clare recently found a Mexican store in town and bought a bunch of hard taco shells, so I got inspired to try the soft and hard shell combination. It works really well. I have not added blueberry pancakes yet though.

Artful plating

Meg has become a big fan of artful plating of food. Here are a couple of her recent creations.

Smiling roll

Awhile ago we got a roll from the bakery which ended up having a bit of a strange shape. It looked like it was smiling at us. We were certainly smiling after eating it.

This roll’s looking at you kid



We have been eating a lot of broccoli in my house lately. It was a welcome addition to carrots, one of the few vegetables Spencer will eat without gagging (I was the same way when I was his age. Hopefully he will grow out of it eventually too). We usually buy fresh broccoli, and were …

Happy pi day!


Today I made pizza in celebration of pi day (although I made it square, because that fits our pans better). I used the special pizza flour, which made it really elastic. I also tried my hand at tossing the dough instead of rolling it out, which worked fairly well. I made about 1/3 plain cheese for Spencer and 2/3 veggie for everyone else, with onions, yellow peppers, mushrooms, and onions.

Pizza Pie!

It has been really rainy here the last several days. Last night there was some a big of lightning combined with hail. The forecast for the next several days looks similar. However, in spite of the rain, there are frequently some brief dry periods. Yesterday after dinner we took such an opportunity to take a short walk. It was still a bit chilly and windy, but at least not raining. We saw some daffodils blooming along the way.


Würselener Wald
Würselener Wald
Die gesammelten Sachen
Die Tipiuhr am Ende